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You may come to a place in your life during the next 6 months where the way you define what it means to be a good friend can change. You may also realize that you have changed and even if you can point to reasons why you need to move into new social circles, the bottom line is that no one is to blame, life just happens.

You grow and then you have to go on and try new experiences. Sometimes, by yourself, which s a sign of spiritual maturity.

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Uranus in Aries affects your friendships. During this transit you can meet new people in your life that help you to see things in a way you had not. You might find that some of these experiences come when you feel disappointed or angry with something someone else did or said that trips you up.

With Uranus in Aries, those moments are pivotal because they help you to use anger as a mechanism for self-awareness. This transit, look at anger as an impetus for change when it takes place in your friendships. Also, angry people can function as a mirror into your life.

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If you see someone who is angry, you'll want to avoid them so you don't become that way yourself. Uranus in Aries affects your career. You may see big changes happening in the area of your career and this can mean a breakthrough with a promotion or even a job change. Right now, there may even be reasons for you to feel that the job or vocation you've been doing now is no longer idea for you and learning a new trade is a smart move.

Your changes can come suddenly with an opportunity for growth presenting itself in a snap. Trust your judgment when making these life changing decisions as they can feel risky but necessary for you at this time.

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Uranus in Aries can open the door to higher learning and also to potential travel. You may see some areas of your life that you need to go to grow. This can mean going back to school in another state, or it can mean that you will have to take classes that aren't available online or they are, but come from foreign lands or people that have backgrounds much different than yours. If you get an invite to travel, take it. Your higher self is opening up doors and you should walk through them.

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Uranus in Aries affects the way you see the past. The past can be a present because it teaches you to be kinder towards yourself. The past also teaches you that no problem is bigger than your ability to survive and improve. The past can bring up strong emotions but those emotions can trigger you to decide it's time to change without holding back.

Virgo, you may want to allow yourself the time to look within by participating in counseling or writing your thoughts in a journal for the next 6 months than looking back at this time to explore your progression and change. Libra , perhaps you've had to face a few facts about your zodiac sign's personality. But let's really tell the truth about what you are stubborn about, and that's what Uranus would like to do. You may actually love and thrive on change more than most but the bottom line is that you aren't willing to sacrifice comfort too much for the change that you want.

So, it can leave you feeling stuck. This shows up most in the relationships you are associated with where things get intimate. You may find yourself returning to themes in your love life that reconnect to the past 6 months but also with childhood where you learned that change isn't necessarily positive and to hold on to what you know instead, which can also hold you back. You deserve to be happy and that can sometimes also translate into something that's no fun: sometimes having a right to be happy leads to having the right to be sad.

There are things in the past that you run away from that you really should look at to avoid repeating the cycle again. You don't have to put yourself back IN a situation in order to understand that. Although your curious nature sometimes does in order to master whatever it is that you're trying to understand. It just means to look at yourself and study what you see that you do that isn't working over and over again. Scorpio, you are truly forever changing and being progressive in your thinking.

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But, let yourself feel long enough to do inner change, too. It's through that inner change that your zodiac sign can finally break free from bad habits that keep you from your own happiness. You may actually be the one who self-sabotages your joy, and it could be because you want to be happy, but not at the expense of other's losing out on your love. As the saying goes, "when momma or papa ain't happy, no one is happy" and for you, that can be the case.

You may have had areas that you feel like you would like to change, but there's just so much work to do.

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It has stayed with western astrologers largely through its important role in Hindu Astrology, and interpretations of it are of ten colored with the language and perspective of ancient Hindu traditions. Here, however, my intent is to describe the Lunar Nodes as they manif est in today's world and more universal paradigms. Let's look to what the Lunar Nodes actually are, and that will help us clarif y what they actually mean f or us when we look at a chart in the here and now.

T he Hamburg School and Cosmobiological traditions have been to correlate them with bonds, relationships, or connections. A problem here is that these terms overlap with matters also signif ied by the Ascendant. So we might seek to clarif y the Lunar Nodes' meaning to distinguish them f rom those other chart f actors which yield similar, but not identical, inf ormation. T he Node of any planet is where it crosses the path of the Sun around the Earth. In this case, since were are ref erring to the Nodes of the Moon, we are dealing with something that combines the energies of the Aries Point, the Sun, and the Moon all together.

Why is the Aries Point considered here? Because it is the starting point in a ref erence paradigm, i. My f irst exposure to convincing interpretations of the Lunar Nodes was through the writings of Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker. T hey presented the Lunar Nodes as our personal manner of relating to public trends and the Z eitgeist, or "Spirit of the Times". Well-conf igured Nodes, i. I f ound such interpretations to be accurate in most every case, and to be rather signif icant f or many people.


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However, when I came upon Hamburg School and Uranian literature, the emphasis in Node interpretations was more on the personal side, and I initially thought to myself , 'how could this be? For, just as the Moon indicates the public itself Considering these three f actors together, they semantically dovetail quite nicely to verif y what Sakoian and Acker asserted. T he Moon also signif ies our personal connection to the public, in a personal and subjective sense, i. T he Moon indicates much about our emotional nature and how we f unction as respondents to the energies of both the inanimate environs and other people in our proximity, in a very personal way.

Combine this with the Sun, which signif ies the vital energies of all beings as relayers of the Sun's energies, and we see how each one of us, as members of the public, f unctions like a little Moon. And how does this f it with relationships, bonds, and connections?

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T hink of the interaction between the Sun and the Moon A main theme here is "complementation" and the give-and-take of energies in interactions. We begin to have a sense of how the Lunar Nodes f unction in personal relationships Here, the various f actors involved synthesize well to correlate with the def inition Hamburg School astrologers have of ten ascribed to the Lunar Nodes.

We might experience the Lunar Nodes externally through complementary relationships with others where one individual is more assertive, the other more receptive or through an internal balance where individuals project themselves with a balance of assertiveness and receptivity thus promoting ease of social relating and popular acceptance. Here is how Alf red Witte described the Lunar Nodes in , where he commented on how the approximately year orbital "metonic" cycle of the Lunar Nodes correlates symbolically as the square root of the day orbital cycle of the Sun in a remarkable mathematical relationship that seems more than just coincidental: "T he Lunar Nodes are signif icant in that the nodes are the intersecting point of the Moon's orbit symbolic of the wif e with the Earth's orbit symbolic of the husband and theref ore correlate with the masculine-f eminine blending.

In addition, the unif ication of the etheric Moon with coarser material substances Sun are inf luenced by the Lunar Nodes. T he Lunar Nodes might then well be interpreted as "complementary relationships" or "complementation in interaction". I would like to thank Ruth Brummund, in particular, f or her insights into the ref erence points, which help me ref lect on previously crystallized assumptions, clarif y and transf orm my understanding, and write this article f or your perusal.

If you have not already done so, you may want to read Ruth Brummund's set of articles on the Ascendant and how it functions in the astrological chart, by clicking here.