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They are considered to have the same effect as conjunctions. Contraparallels are when one star in the north and another in the south are at the same declination. They are considered to have the same effect as oppositions. More Astrology Charts. Tye Sheridan November 11, Kat Von D March 8, Michel Vorm October 20, Pablo Cuevas January 1, Recent on Astro-Charts.

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Trines occur between signs that share the same astrological element. A natal trine aspect in your astrology chart is the indicator of your personality strengths. Now that you have the basics of planetary aspects, read below about the different harmonious aspects of the planets your astrologer looks for to predict good times ahead or to understand the positive attributes in your personality. When Mercury is in a harmonious current, transitory or natal aspect, ease at communication overcomes all else.


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Information flows. When Venus is in a harmonious current or transitory aspect, an expression of love resonates on an emotional level. Connections are made and crushes are formed. Natal harmony involving Venus in our astrology chart represents good looks or good taste in clothes and food. This is an indicator of artistic talent. When Mars makes a current harmonious aspect, long-sought action can suddenly occur. When it makes a transitory harmonious aspect with your chart, you will finally get to move on in some aspect of your daily ritual.

When Mars is in a natal trine with another planet, you are born with an extra dose of energy to climb higher in life than others. When Jupiter makes any type of conjunction, luck occurs. Jupiter involved in a conjunction delivers lottery winnings and is the aspect astrologers look for when advising you to take a Vegas vacation. Jupiter in a trine or sextile indicates success like few other planetary interactions. Saturn is the most stern and forbidding planet. When it is involved in a current conjunction, things quiet down and focus is the order of the day.

Saturn trines and sextiles of all types indicate seriousness, boundaries and silence. When Saturn is involved in a transitory conjunction, the most powerful force in all of astrology is at work. Saturn conjunctions are moments of total liberation that allow you to discard structures of the past and begin again.

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The most powerful of all transitory Saturn conjunctions is when Saturn conjuncts its own location in your astrology chart. This is the legendary Saturn Return.

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This is the ultimate chance to rewrite your future and exercise your free will to make drastic, complete changes to benefit yourself and those around you. The planet Uranus is a force of chaos in the solar system. When it is involved in any type of harmonious aspect, structures break down in a beneficial way. The Berlin Wall collapsed as Uranus moved into conjunction with Neptune. The planet Neptune is the center of idealism and illusion in the solar system.

Harmonious aspects involving this planet often lead to new ways of thinking that emerge straight from our imaginations. Current and transitory aspects can last years. Throughout history, many great people have had a time in their life when they withdrew from society and their ordinary world. The farthest planet out there is Pluto, and yes, astrologers still regard Pluto as a planet.

This is the planet of transformation. Wherever Pluto makes a harmonious aspect, there is a shift that occurs; to the place this shift takes you, there is never a return to the place from where you came or to the person who you once were. Pluto moves through the zodiac at a slow pace. The change it creates takes a while, but you are constantly ridding yourself of the old, as you become the new you.

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Over a three-year period, which is about the length of a Pluto aspect, many women meet a man, marry him and have a child. The harmony created by planetary aspects is what creates the enthusiasm for life and the expressions of love we all share. When planets interact on a harmonious level, we are reminded that it is a wonderful world. Psychic Readings.

How Does Planetary Astrology Work?

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