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Get your free yearly Cancer horoscope and Cancer astrology of every month such as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September.

Aries Weekly Tarot Reading May , Leo Weekly Tarot Reading May , Pisces Weekly Tarot Reading March , Gemini Weekly Tarot Reading March , Capricorn Weekly Tarot Reading March , Taurus Weekly Tarot Reading Feb , Cancer February Weekly Tarot Reading. Scorpio January Weekly Tarot Reading.

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Cancer January Weekly Tarot Reading. Leo December Weekly Tarot Reading. Aquarius Weekly Tarot Reading October , Sagittarius Weekly Tarot Reading October , Taurus Weekly Tarot Reading October , Capricorn Weekly Tarot Reading August , Capricorn Weekly Tarot Reading July , Sagittarius Weekly Tarot Reading July , Cancer Weekly Tarot Reading July , Libra Weekly Tarot Reading June , Virgo Weekly Tarot Reading June , Libra, you can fall from a height when removing a ton of snow from the roof. The curtain may fall on you during a theatre performance.

Or you may simply hurt yourself while enjoying passionate love. Libra, whether you will climb on a tree or try all the secrets of Camasutra, you should simply watch out for yourself. The December horoscope warns: Libra will not miss courage, but sometimes the necessary luck.

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To unite, not to divide, that's what's matter in December , hopefully Scorpio would agree. In the December horoscope brings an ideal opportunity for all people born under Scorpions to try what it feels to be like a grain of rice in the midst of a two-pound sack of this nutritious crop. Simply, it requires a lot of humility as well as confidence.

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However, knowing that you are part of strong and valuable society, family or other collective. In December, according to horoscope, the Fool tarot card will become an ideal guide for Sagittarius. Than the whole hustle and bustle will start again.

Treat yourself with a certain amount of foolishness. Leave your mind simply levitate in a state of weightlessness. Sagittarius should not make any fundamental decisions in December What can be postponed, simply postpone, the horoscope says. And everything urgent decide in the morning, not in the evening.

Capricorn, give yourself something "natural" as the Christmas present.


If the right woollen sweater itches, a string of wooden beads is enough. December is, according to horoscope, the best time to reconnect you with pure nature and thus bring a new talisman into the life of Capricorn. Bold individuals may also cease to use cost-saving light LED and use old candles instead, or start writing with an ink filled pen as a substitute for keyboard.

You will find that new and "modern" does not always mean better; surprisingly, this also applies to relationships. How to capture and mediate your own thoughts to others?

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The awkward Latin word for this activity is "verbalization". Aquarius Horoscope highlights some clumsiness in your turn of phrase; people born in this sign may feel naked and embarrassed during conversations. Be careful what do you say and how do you formulate crucial ideas. If you have any secrets, you might disclose them just by mistake. If you prepare a gift for your beloved counterpart, such surprise can accidentally leak out.

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But, on the other hand, if Aquarius deliberately plans to do something unfair, the harm can be even greater. Pisces, if you had to choose between a small glass of milk and an endless river of champagne poured into a golden cup obtained in a winning tournament, you will probably and surprisingly choose the first and modest option. Pisces, the whole ends in December. And this year can be considered as one big victory itself.

However, you do not need to celebrate and therefore be drunk. People born in Pisces are completely satisfied when looking into the mirror where they see a person who is trying to live honestly.