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Later, the Celts started observing the behaviour of humans and animals and discovered that there was a correlation between the Celtic animal meanings and Celtic zodiac signs.

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These signs are a little different from the zodiac signs that people generally follow. Stag is the Celtic zodiac sign that represents a strong sense of self and folksy generosity. It is the first zodiac sign of the Celtic animal zodiac in the Celtic lunar year. The people with this zodiac have distinguished trailblazing traits which makes them fearless of wandering on the dreaded roads.

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However, they are blessed with a powerful understanding of their surroundings and are fully aware of their capabilities and innate powers. Individuals born under Stag are super sensitive and have an exemplary sixth sense that keeps them aware about their environment. This Celtic zodiac sign represents the power of quick thinking and harmonizing.

You are often challenged by your tendency of perfecting harmony.


Your mind keeps wandering in all directions, and your cosmic intellect is to be blamed for that. Individuals with this Celtic sign are often overflowing with opinions and ideas, and are also outspoken about your vision and views. You can be enigmatic at almost all times. You love travelling, but find extreme comfort at your home. Celtic animal zodiac sign Snake represents deep understanding and magical wisdom.

Which Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign Are You?

The most amazing quality of this Celtic sign is healing. This Celtic animal zodiac is associated with heart healing properties and corresponds to curing the sick.

The individuals of this Celtic sign manifest a certain curative energy. Their tender heart is full of compassion for others. Nurturing and care-giving comes naturally to them, completely annulling the cold-blooded characterization of snakes as animals. People with the Celtic Zodiac sign of Fox, portray clever and cunning antics. They love to be crazy and have a lot of fun. They have a bold personality that makes them the heart of every party that they attend.

Individuals with the Fox Celtic sign are the most charming beings who love being stylish and playful. Active mind of the Fox tends to start rusting when they are not able to live in their own skin, because they love to live at the edge.

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There is a need for constant stimulation and motivation to keep the Fox individuals going. This Celtic zodiac sign symbolizes balance and authenticity. The difference here is that this cCeltic sign is represented by two animals- bull and cow. Both the gender Celtic signs encompass different underlying personality traits. Cow Celtic animal zodiac echoes feminine energies aligned with lunar attributes and represents motherhood, intuition, covertness and fertility. The Bull Celtic animal zodiac on the other hand reverberates masculine energies aligned with the solar attributes.


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This Celtic sign represents survival, machismo, fatherhood, sportsmanship and agility. Alternatively, weekday weddings can also work out a lot more cost effective. Mostly so that they can remember your anniversary more easily always an important consideration! Repeat dates or the first of the month are usually easier to remember which means your guests will have your wedding date firmly in their minds from day one. Friday the 13th has long had a reputation as a day that brings bad luck so you may want to avoid it.

Different religions can sometimes have preferences for certain days to marry on that are deemed to be particularly positive.

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Although weekday weddings remain unusual. This is because the Jewish calendar is lunar. You could certainly try and take some lovely moonlit photos too! This little list sums up some of the most well known religious festivals and dates to be mindful of in and Ultimately the choice of date comes down to many things and could be as simple as your dream venue having availability on a certain day.

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