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Get your free yearly Cancer horoscope and Cancer astrology of every month such as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September.

You captivate people with your intensity and magnetic charm. You always leave people wanting more.

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You are very clever and witty, you tell people the truth even if it hurts. You are practical and disciplined, thus having complete control over your life and thoughts. You have a constant need to seek change and improvement. You are not currently subscribed.

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Want more where that came from? Aries: Hourglass As the first sign of the zodiac, you are all about the go, go, go. Taurus: Bento Box You have expensive taste, Taurus. Gemini: Door Just like the twins of your personality, a door has two sides—two ways to look at it and two ways to walk through it. Leo: Volcano You, queen of the jungle, are as fiercely loyal as you are fiercely addicted to drama. Libra: Surfer As the balanced scales of the zodiac, you have a keen eye and heart for understanding fairness.

Aquarius: Globe Nothing you do or think exists in a vacuum. Pisces: Mermaid Yes, we associate Pisces with fish, but your mermaid emoji goes beyond the scales. SHARE These two share a special communion , much of it on a sensual, unspoken level. Both have intense feelings, are loyal, intuitive, interested in the mystical and the unusual.

Their sexual life should be delightful. The Pisces are inventive.

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The Scorpio is persevering. Both - affair and marriage are successful. Taurus is a strong, authoritative figure who can provide security and stability for vacillating Pisces. Trying to help Pisces make all of their dreams come true, tactfully and reliably encouraging them, a persevering Taurus can achieve all what he wants from these relationships. Success of their sexual harmony depends on the Taurus. These two can share a great deal of their appreciation for beauty, art, sensuality and just about any of the finer things in life.

Pisces is easily clouded by emotion but can be brought to reality by Taurus' down to earth nature. Taurus can be helped to dream by the Pisces personality. There are good prospects for interesting affair as well as for healthy marriage. In a way they are alike: both want to impose their romantic visions on reality. Libra can get along will with mast people, but Pisces is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements.

Nothing makes Libra more miserable then a sulky , complaining Pisces. Finally Libra will become tired with a Pisces' desire to rely on someone. As for the Pisces -they can't stand the fact that the Libra has a vast variety of interests. If Libra becomes quarrelsome, Pisces will plunge into despondency.

Does it sound sadly? Yes, it does. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer but Cancer is an imaginative worker-and together they can make their dreams a reality. Pisces provides romance in Cancer's life, and Cancer is the all-protective lover Pisces needs. They are a good pair in the field of sex.

They are both sympathetic and try to support each other. Probably the Cancer will be the leader, because of the the Pisces' inclination for some eccentricity in love affairs. The quarrels are usually short and quickly come to an end in bed. They are perfectly fit for each other. They can spend their time during day and during night with the same result and the sentimental combination of these two signs make for an ideal marriage.

Aries is self-assured and vivacious; Pisces is somewhat shy and easily led.

comdicartni.tk Aries likes to be dominant, Pisces likes having someone to lean on. The Aries will be intrigued by the behavior of Pisces in the bedroom.

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The active participation of the Aries will help Pisces get the shyness over. The realization of Pisces' sexual wishes can cause strong excitation. Together they should have interesting and pleasant time.

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The opportunity of connection or a marriage is very high, if they manage to overcome the differences between their temperaments. They intrigue each other because they are so different, but the differences don't mesh well. An active Leo can not understand timid and quiet Pisces. Leo won't not even try to understand the Pisces' behavior in bedroom.