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In Mahatma Gandhi horoscope, Venus is placed in ascendant itself and causing Malavya yoga. This yoga gave public attraction and lots of followers for him.

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Malavya yoga would be present for Aries ascendants if Venus is placed in seventh house Libra. When Venus is placed in seventh house as per karako bhava nasthi concept, there would be problem in married life. But native would get very beautiful spouse. Since Venus aspect the ascendant native also would have attractive face. Venus must be Chitra nakshatra 3 rd pada to give better results.

Because Venus would be in vargottama state and would be powerful in seventh house.

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Venus would be placed in ascendant it self to give this yoga for Taurus ascendants. Venus in ascendant would make the native extreamly handsome or beautiful. Since Venus aspecting the seventh house spouse also would be very beautiful. Venus must be in Rohini nakshatra for better results of this yoga.

Because Venus would be extreamly powerful in this nakshatra. Venus would occupy the tenth house Pisces to give this yoga for Gemini ascendants.

Tenth house is the house of career. So, native would get profession in cinema, art, music, modelling etc. Aspect of Venus to fourth house would give architecturally beautiful house, luxurius Cars etc. Venus would be placed in fourth house Libra to give this yoga for Cancer ascendant. Though Venus is Pathakathipathi for this ascendant, Venus will be placed in sixth house to the pathaka house and which is auspicious. Venus gets directional strength also here.

Native will have beautiful house and luxurious vehicles. He will have lots of immovable assets. Venus must be in Chitra nakshatra or Visaka nakshatra to give good results. Venus would occupy the tenth house, Taurus to give this yoga for Leo ascendants. Aspect of Venus to fourth house would give architecturally beautiful house, luxurious Cars etc. Moon and Mars conjunct in Leo is. Chandra-Mangala yogam.

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She rose to power and earned billions worth of fortunes. Gemini is her birth lagnam and Venus is in Rajayam. She was a successful cine-heroine for more than a 2 decades; she had meteriotic rise in politics; she ruled as Chief Minster for 4 terms. At years of age Hamsa yogam lifted her to rule Tamilnadu.. You can get my full particulars from my web-site www. You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail : pandit jyothishi. Tuesday, June 17, Raja yogams in Jayalalitha's horoscpe.

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Budget More power to villages; Rs 2 lakh crore allocated to Panchayats in five years. Budget Healthcare sector expects hike in exemption limits for health checkup, medical reimbursement. Turn Rs 1 Lakh into Rs 1.

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